Our Story

It all started in the summer of 2016 when our good friend Victoria had the BEST time of her life!

At 30 years of age, having never been outside North America before, Victoria was sick & tired of her routine lifestyle. She wanted to explore the world, go on a big adventure, and meet some awesome new people. After truly realizing her big ambition, she decided to drop everything and spontaneously go on a once in a lifetime trip to Europe!

This sort of decision resonates quite well with 1 particular Zodiac Sign that Victoria belongs to – can you guess what it is?

If Sagittarius popped to mind, you’re absolutely right! Her being a Sagittarius surely explains her crazy awesome decision to go on what was going to be the summer of her life!

Speaking of which, Victoria was and still is a big believer in Zodiacs and specifically in her sign Sagittarius. In fact, she loved her sign so much, that prior to the trip, she happened to come across a Sagittarius t-shirt at a local store that she instantly bought. She loved it so much, that she planned to wear it at least twice a week while in Europe!

Anyway, back to the story – Victoria’s Euro trip was truly incredible and exceeded all her expectations. She visited 7 countries in 3 months, met amazing new friends, ate a lot of delicious food, learned about other cultures, and experienced many other highlights!  

After arriving back home, she told us all about her incredible trip – but 1 thing in particular stood out. If you have a feeling it has something to do with her Sagittarius t-shirt, you’re absolutely right!

Victoria told us that the most interesting thing that happened to her during the whole trip, was the constant attention she received from wearing her Sagittarius shirt in public. Regardless of where she was or what she was doing, she would normally have at least 3 people approach her in a single day and say “Hey! I’m a Sagittarius too! This is so cool!”. This kind of initial “ice-breaker” has led Victoria to have dozens of interesting interactions with locals; all of which have resulted in amazing new friendships with people who were Sagittarius as well! (Or who valued Zodiacs).

The friendships she formed with her fellow Europeans, have led her to some of her craziest, most spontaneous, and most EPIC adventures during her whole 3 months while in Europe! They showed her around the cities, introduced her to their local friends, and had an absolute blast hanging out together!

Victoria went from being a solo traveler who did not know anyone or anything about Europe, to having awesome companions in just about every city she visited who took her on incredible adventures - all because she was wearing her Sagittarius shirt! Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

You see, the Sagittarius shirt Victoria was wearing during her trip did not just result in amazing new friendships – it resulted in incredibly powerful and unforgettable EXPERIENCES and MEMORIES that she will cherish with her FOREVER.

Ever since that day, we realized the magical power of connecting with like-minded individuals by proudly wearing Zodiac related items.  From that moment on, we have been on a MISSION to provide you with every possible Zodiac item you can think of, at the highest possible quality, so that YOU can connect with other like-minded people from other parts of the world much like Victoria!

We strongly believe that you should EMBRACE your true self & your PERSONALITY to the world, by constantly wearing our unique Zodiac items! By doing that, you’ll be surprised at how many people will come up, and start chatting with you when they notice that you’re proudly representing your Zodiac sign!

This is also why we named ourselves Zody “Nation” – because we want to create a mini “nation” or community that UNITES people from all parts of the world who belong to the same Zodiac sign. The great news is that this sort of community is now available on FACEBOOK! Simply search for “*Your Sign* UNITED” on Facebook, and you’ll easily be able to connect with like-minded people from other parts of the world!

Now you’ll be able to interact with, and meet your fellow Zodiac loving people both ONLINE, and IN-PERSON! Pretty awesome, right?

Finally, unlike most brands, we would LOVE to stay in touch with you, get to know you better, and most importantly, give you the opportunity to meet your fellow Zodiac lovers so you can form some amazing FRIENDSHIPS, EXPERIENCES, and MEMORIES in the near future! We really want to give back to the world & provide value, and we plan on doing that by creating a massive international Zodiac community!

We very much look forward to growing TOGETHER with you, and we really hope that you join our soon-to-be, MASSIVE international community full of Zodiac-loving individuals!